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Tara Nash is an expert antiques dealer and custom vintage jeweler with a work history that includes over 20 years in the jewelry business. As a certified gemologist experienced craftswoman, Tara Nash delivers consistent excellence. Tara has hired us to help bridge the gap between her incredible talent as a Jeweler and the buying and selling public. Her rankings are impressive, so is her testimonials, and thanks to incredible local exposure, so is her bottom line! Take notice how many of her ranking keywords are also high traffic pay per click keywords. Where her competition is spending $1000’s to rank their keywords each month, is spending substantially less and getting much more exposure than the competition. One final note; Customers in her demographic will not need to put in Seattle Washington, or Washington State after each keyword phrase. Google will automatically recognize the IP address of a local customer and provide them with these local listings. We in New York will have to add the City or State to zero in on and target that specific location. Please verify these link results!

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January 2015 Google Ranking Report

SEO Ranking Report Google Ranking Report

Here is the review video we developed, optimized to rank in youtube: Tara Nash has 21 positive reviews in Google, all 5 stars.

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This is an end of month ranking report for

1. All current positions in Google as of the prior month not only have been maintained, but  have increased in ranking.

2. For many phrases, this site is ranking above his main competition.  It will be very hard for his competition NOT to notice him. This vast improvement is a result of our time study dissecting the competition and making the clients site better.

3. In Google alone they have 25 new first place positions they did not have last month.

4. The keywords originally hired for are now on page 1 of Google.

30% of all searches are done on Yahoo! and Bing.  Artmolds now has a major presence there as well. Customers may not see the very hard work we do, but results like this prove our complete dedication and hard work. There is just no way results like this can be achieved in 30 days without quality work. Results are the bottom line for any business.

This report doesn’t take into account all keywords and phrases on page 2 of any of the search engines. In several cases you have 2 listings or more for one keyword phrase on top of the SERPS. (Search Engine Results Pages) This fact is shown in the last column of the spread sheet below.

First Page Rankingfirst page rankingfirst page ranking

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