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May 22, 2015 Ranking Report – Sugar babies online babies boutique is a chic trendy babies boutique in downtown Sumner Washington. Not only have we helped our client with great local visibility and success, they are also dominating the national market with a healthy online sales business thanks to a strong keyword ranking in all the top search engines with Google leading the way. Please verify these great rankings;

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Sugar Babies Review Video –


Amazing Rankings Verify Yourself!

We just released this monthly report for one of our clients, Please verify these results in Google! Our client has over 85 1st page position results in Google. 30 new first page rankings for the last 30 days alone! It is amazing when our work starts to kick in! Allow us to help you dominate your targeted market and let us give you the positive problem of having too many clients!

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SEO Ranking Report – Psychology Practice

Not only is our client ranking on page 1 in all the top search engines with keyword terms relative to their practice, they are also ranking on page 1 in You Tube and Google with a video we developed and optimized for high exposure. Since we are located in New York, we needed to put in the targeted city next to each keyword phrase to find their placement. However, if you live in the area of Calgary or any of it’s surrounding regions, there is no need to add the city as Google will pick up the IP address of your computer and provide the same results you see now. Please verify these great keyword positions yourself!

SEO Ranking

Psychology Practice SEO Results

SEO Results

Psychology Practice ranking high in the search results

Strategies We Use to Achieve Awesome Ranking Results for our Clients!

Here is a breakdown on our strategy and prices to get you ranked on top of Google. These are the exact strategies we use to rank all our clients including with 85 1st page listings on Google. (Check out our article Amazing Results Verify Yourself!)

1. We have programs that tell us what the best high traffic/low competition keywords to use for your product or service. These keywords will give us detailed monthly traffic counts and competition ratings. We will look for only the high traffic keywords relevant to your products. Once grouped, we will pass them onto you and discuss the best keyword combinations to optimize. Using this approach, we are intelligently optimizing those keywords that can draw in the most traffic. That places you or your sales team in a constant position to convert.

2. Now that we have the right keywords, we do “on page” optimization on every page of your site. This type of optimization goes beyond title tag, descriptions and keyword phrases. There are H1 tags and alt tags. There are Google analytics and webmaster tools, site maps and ror files that allow the major directories to recognize your site and categorize you properly. We want all your web pages to be read easily by the search engines and relevant directories. We then hand submit your site to all the search engines, directories, and portals that are relevant to your business. We do not stop there, we constantly check to make sure you are indexed with them.

3. When you are indexed with a directory or search engine, you now have a link from their site to yours. That is called a back link. The more back links you have, Google will recognize that as a sign of authority, and the higher your keywords rank in the search results. Google crawls your site every 6-8 weeks or so. As they see your back links grow, they see other sites recognize your business and that growing recognition raises your keywords in the search results.

4. We have content writers on our staff that will write articles and press releases every month. Those press releases and articles will be submitted to all the article writing and press release sites for submission into their directories. AP (Associated Press) picks up many of our articles and uses them for publication in magazines and newspapers across the country. Some of our articles have been picked up by the the Associated Press and found there way into major Newspapers throughout the country. That type of exposure is huge for your business and Google puts much weight on this type of social media. Google likes activity. Writing press releases and articles and producing videos as described below is the kind of activity that raises your keywords high in the rankings. Which site do you think Google will favor? One that has a lot of activity as described, or a site that does nothing and lays dormant.

5. Video Production and Development – You tube is a Google Property and your customer does a search on youtube the same way he does a search on Google. We produce videos for your company every 8 weeks (depending on package) These videos are keyword rich and are submitted to all the video sharing sites like daily motion, vimeo, you tube as well as others. For example, do a search on any of your keyword phrases on You tube. I am sure you’ll find a lot of videos pertaining to your business. We would make a number of videos on all your keywords and have you ranked high on You tube as well.

Examples of our videos – Corporate Event Planning – Just uploaded – Precision Signs and Awnings – Page 1 in you tube.  – Portable Garages Southern Maine – Page 1 in you tube

Cost of this service;

$350.00 per month


$500.00 per month

Both services offer all the above, the 500.00 package allows us more time on your site and gets you ranked faster. No set up charges and no monthly commitment on either plan. – Google Ranking Report – December 2014

Tara Nash is an expert antiques dealer and custom vintage jeweler with a work history that includes over 20 years in the jewelry business. As one of the few truly qualified gold and diamond buyers in the Seattle Washington area, her selection of fine jewelry, quality, services, and understanding of the industry are without comparison. December 2014 Google Ranking Report December 2014 Google Ranking Report

Top Rankings for Doctors and Dentists

We are doing amazing work for our Doctor clients. Our focus is to bring our doctors new patients that require their expertise in their area of practice. We can definitely help dominate any local market as we have done for Dr. Eric Goldberg from in Rego Park, Queens. Our prices are reasonable and our work is first class. Please verify the listings below. There is no doubt we can bring you a steady stream of qualified patients to your practice. Is this something we can discuss?

SEO for Doctors SEO for Dentists

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